Kwik Structures Ltd. intends to contribute to a greener environment by continually seeking ways to prevent pollution

and minimise the effects of its office and site based activities .In one of our major jobs, Lansdowne Road Stadium we`re
already using low carbon cement, Ecocem`s GGBS cement, in order to achieve Carbon Neutral Concrete.To find out more
about Ecocem log on to http://www.ecocem.ie/Properties of Concrete made with Ecocem GGBS Cement:
        Environmental Benefits
GGBS production involves no quarrying, results in virtually zero CO2 emissions and significantly extends the

life cycle of concrete structures.

      Increased Durability and Strength
Ecocem GGBS cement is routinely specified to protect concrete against sulphate attack and chloride attack, and it

will also protect against ASR attack. Concrete made with Ecocem GGBS cement has higher strength, lower permeability
and is more chemically stable than concrete made with ordinary Portland cement.

        Better Appearance

GGBS concrete is much lighter in colour and has a smoother surface finish. GGBS also eliminates the occurrence of efflorescence.

        Lower Heat of Hydration
GGBS concrete develops lower peak and less overall heat of hydration, thus reducing thermal stressing.

        Improved Workability
GGBS concrete has improved workability, pumpability and ease of placing and compaction.